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My Process

My Human-Centered UX UI Design Process

When brands are fighting for the user’s screen space, I take a creative approach to stand out. My UX UI design solution is planned to solve the user problem. I categorize it in three major segments - ideation, inspiration, and execution.

Unified Infotech’s main tenet is to understand the user behavior and putting ourselves in the end-user situation to manifest all these categories. The result - an unconventional UI and UX design solution that is embraced by end-users

our areas of


Design Systems

Scaling design is difficult when there are so many inconsistencies in your product. With a proper design system, your entire product team can produce much more efficiently, provide consistency to your users and help eliminate technical gaps.

  • Brand Guidelines & Design Principles
  • Components Library

UX Audit

User retention requires a data-driven approach. By understanding your users’ journey —step by step— we can recommend how to prevent drop off stages, pain points, and bottlenecks. We uncover user behaviors through qualitative and quantitative methods to audit your product.

  • Analytics Report
  • Competitve Analysis
  • Recommended User Flow

UI/UX Design

Great design is engaging and can scale easily. Our data-driven approach identifies the root cause of bad UX and gets you back on track to acquiring more customers. Research is embedded throughout our process and our design is constantly validated through usability tests.

  • UX Research
  • User Flows
  • Design System

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